TSMC responded to the rumored price increase plan next year was rejected by Apple

The semiconductor market situation has reversed, which has successively affected the supply chain. Now it is reported that Apple, TSMC's largest customer, has rejected the company's plan to increase prices next year. According to Taiwan Economic Daily, TSMC declined to comment today (27) on the aforementioned customer-related price news.

Originally, it was reported in the industry that TSMC would increase its price next year, and the rate would vary from 6% to 9% depending on the process. However, it was later reported that there was a negotiated revision. The increase started at 3%, and the mature process increased by 6%. However, the latest rumor is that Apple, a major customer, has expressed its refusal to increase prices.

Apple is TSMC's largest customer, with an estimated revenue accounting for more than 25%.

The COVID-19 epidemic in the past two or three years has prompted a huge increase in the market’s demand for semiconductors, and the foundry capacity has also been in short supply. The global foundry leader TSMC will cancel the price discount of 2% to 3% for the first time in 2021. In 2022, it is rumored that the quotation will be increased, but the relative rumored increase is still moderate compared with other peers.

Even with the price increase planned for next year, industry insiders bluntly said that in the two years of price increases, TSMC's cumulative increase is actually not high compared to other peers. It’s just that TSMC’s price increases are slow. The plan to increase prices in 2023 coincides with the fact that the semiconductor market has reversed, so there is resistance, and customers hope that the company will share difficulties and make profits.

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