TSMC's 2nm is expected to be mass-produced in 2025

The wafer foundry TSMC's 2nm process will be mass-produced in 2025, and the market is optimistic about the progress and is expected to lead rivals Samsung and Intel. TSMC's advanced process is progressing smoothly. 3nm will be mass-produced in the second half of this year. The upgraded 3nm (N3E) process will be mass-produced one year later, that is, in 2023, and 2nm is expected to be mass-produced in 2025.

TSMC's 2nm plant will be implemented in the second phase of the Bamboo Branch Baoshan expansion plan. The "Bamboo Branch Administration" has begun construction of public facilities, and TSMC's 2nm plant has also begun land preparation. TSMC's 2nm is the first to use a nanosheet architecture. Compared with the N3E process, the frequency can be increased by 10% to 15% under the same power consumption. At the same frequency, the power consumption is reduced by 25% to 30%.

Wei Zhejia, president of TSMC, emphasized in the technology forum a few days ago that TSMC's 2nm will be the technology with the best density and best performance. The market is also optimistic that TSMC's 2nm progress will lead its rivals Samsung and Intel. 

Although it is slightly conservative in the 3nm generation, in any case, the width of the fins (Fin) is close to the actual limit, and there will be bottlenecks when going down, so the foreign legal person estimates TSMC 2nm The advanced process will use the wrap-around gate field effect transistor GAAFET high-end architecture to produce 2nm chips.

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