TTC released the flame purple axis and the flame snow axis

TTC genuine Kedian released the new TTC flame purple axis and flame snow axis, the official said that it takes into account the comfortable office, but is also suitable for e-sports games. The TTC flame purple shaft and the TTC flame snow shaft have the same specifications and parameters but differ in appearance color matching and light transmission scheme.

Compared with the gold powder shaft of the TTC flame purple shaft and the flame snow shaft, the triggering stroke is advanced from 2.0mm to 1.6mm, and the triggering efficiency is increased by 20%; the total stroke is shortened from 4.0mm to 3.6mm, and the reciprocating operation efficiency is increased by 10%; The total stroke is shortened again. 42 grams of gentle and moderate operating force, with the design of a 23mm single-section super-long spring, the force is balanced, the Q-bounce is strong with the hand, suitable for long-term typing without getting tired, it can quickly trigger quick rebound and improve the game hit. hit efficiency.

The official said that the TTC flame purple axis is now on the shelves, 36 pieces are priced at 140.4 yuan, and the keyboard brand will be launched by KZZI and Thor. TTC Flame Snow Axis was first launched by Game Power in China.

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