Turkey has become the most expensive market in the world for Apple's iPhone 14 / Pro series

For many years, Brazil has been the most expensive market for Apple’s iPhones, including the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and even the third-generation iPhone SE. However, according to Nukeni's survey, after Apple released the iPhone 14 series this time, Turkey surpassed Brazil to become the most expensive place for the iPhone 14 in the world.

Each year Nukeni updates its rankings based on iPhone prices obtained from each country's Apple website, which vary based on local currency and each country's local taxes.

Turkey is now the most expensive country for the iPhone 14. Taking the iPhone 14 Pro as an example, the price of the 128GB version is US$2,193.15 (about 15,242.39 yuan), compared with 7,999 yuan for the National Bank. Brazil came in second, with the same model priced at $1,823.19 (about 12,671.17 yuan). The cheapest places to buy an iPhone 14 Pro are in the United States and Japan, where the device costs $999 (about 6,943.05 yuan, excluding local taxes) and $1,039.46 (about 7,224.25 yuan), respectively. Other countries where iPhone 14 purchases are also expensive are India, Hungary, and Poland.

The same is true for the iPhone 14, which starts at $829 (about 5,761.55 yuan) in the United States, and the 128GB iPhone 14 is priced at $831.29 (about 5,777.47 yuan) in Japan. Turkey still tops the list, with the same model costing $1,699.68 (about 11,812.78 yuan), more than double the price in the United States.

What makes Turkey's iPhone 14 the most expensive? A variety of factors affect the prices of Apple devices around the world, mainly because the country has been facing a severe economic crisis, with inflation exceeding 80% for the first time in more than 20 years. Back in 2021, Apple suspended product sales in Turkey as the local currency lost 15% of its value against the U.S. dollar in a matter of hours. When it resumed sales in Turkey, Apple raised the price of its products by 25%. App Store app prices and subscription fees in the country have also been raised due to the collapse of the local currency.

Of course, Turkey is not the only country in the world suffering from inflation. Following yesterday's launch event, Apple has quietly raised the prices of its products in other European countries. For example, the third-generation iPhone SE went from £419 to £449 in the UK.

It is worth mentioning that the price of the new iPhone 14 series has not increased in China and the United States only (but different memory versions have different price increases), and the prices in other countries have increased compared to the previous generation.

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