United Innovation will launch 48-inch OLED gaming display

According to the official news of United Innovation, the new 48-inch OLED e-sports display will be released soon, with an ultra-high refresh rate, fast response time, and 99% DCI-P3 film-level wide color gamut.

Not surprisingly, this display will use LG's OLED panel. LG's own 48GQ900 OLED display is now on the shelves, 47.5-inch 4K 138Hz, priced at 13,999 yuan, and the first launch is 12,999 yuan. In terms of parameters, this panel is a 47.5-inch OLED large screen, 4K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, can be overclocked to 138Hz, has a contrast ratio of 1.35 million to 1 that cannot be matched by an LCD display, and a grayscale response time of 0.1ms.

In terms of price, United Innovation's 48-inch OLED gaming monitor is expected to be much cheaper than LG's own models.

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