US Department of Commerce will allocate $ 50 billion for the development of semiconductor production in the country

The US Department of Commerce plans to allocate $50 billion for the development of semiconductor manufacturing in the country, and this will be the largest funding for the industry in recent years. According to The New York Times, about $28 billion from the CHIPS for America Special Fund will be used in grants and loans to increase manufacturing and assembly capacity. 10 billion will be used to expand the production of old-generation technologies used in the automotive and communications industries, and 11 billion will go to research and development initiatives.

The New York Times notes that the CHIPS for America fund was created to encourage the production of strategically important semiconductors in the United States and stimulate research and development in next-generation chip technologies.

In Russia, they also invest in semiconductor manufacturers, but the volume of investments is completely different. So, for scaling production, the largest chip manufacturer in Russia will be allocated 7 billion rubles. But not dollars, but rubles.

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