Vertu launches Metavertu phone

Yesterday British luxury mobile phone brand Vertu announced that its new flagship Web3 mobile phone Metavertu has opened for pre-order, and will be officially launched in London on October 24 and sold globally. The machine will be the world's first Web3 phone.

Vertu's promotional ad for the machine "pays homage" to Apple's classic "1984" ad. Vertu suggests in the ad that a revolution is about to happen, and a new order is about to take shape.

The new machine first proposed the concept of a five-dimensional integrated ecology of "core-end chain service", which aims to help every user enter the Web3 world without obstacles and solve the user's digital asset security problem. A veteran cryptocurrency player who has tried the phone said that Metavertu integrates chips, smart terminals, blockchain, operating systems, and high-end services into one phone, and hopes that Web2 users will feel the same when entering the Web3 world to a seamless, fluid experience.

Vertu has teamed up with Tmall to open a limited-time Metavertu pre-sale. However, the specific configuration of the phone has not yet been disclosed.

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