Volkswagen: Chip shortages won't end next year

The rapid development of intelligent networked vehicles in recent years has led to a large increase in the demand for chips. However, due to factors such as the epidemic, the chip supply chain has been repeatedly impacted, and "lack of cores" has become an important constraint on the development of the automotive industry. one of the reasons.

Volkswagen no longer believes the chip shortage will end in 2023, and the German carmaker is preparing for a "new normal" of supply chain disruptions, Murat Aksel, head of purchasing on Volkswagen's board of directors.

"Investment in new capacity is now on track, but there may still be a structural shortage of semiconductors through and including 2023," Aksel said, adding, "It's a structural problem, it can't be Fix it quickly."

Aksel also said that the supply of wiring harnesses was in short supply after the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but the problem has now been resolved.

However, Aksel warned that "what we've seen in the supply chain over the past two years, this is the new normal." He added that Volkswagen is investing heavily in early detection. "As new geopolitical issues emerge, if any, it will become more complex and challenging," Aksel added.

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