Wanmo's first spatial audio noise-cancelling headphones released

Wanmo 1MORE launched a new product - Wanmo spatial audio noise reduction headphones 1MORE Aero, priced at 549 yuan. According to reports, the 1MORE Aero uses the self-developed real-time spatial audio technology to release the sound in the small headphones and eliminate the "In-head Effect". With the help of the built-in gyroscope and head tracking 3D audio processing algorithm of the headset, the head posture is tracked in real-time, and the distance between the sound source and the fixed sound source is truly felt. 1MORE Aero has a built-in intelligent algorithm into the headset, which has stronger real-time performance without a mobile phone and is compatible with Bluetooth devices such as Apple and Android.

This headset supports dual feedback hybrid noise reduction technology to achieve a 42dB noise reduction level.

In terms of battery life, the official said that this headset can play continuously for up to 28 hours, and a single headset can also listen to songs for up to 7 hours, charge for 15 minutes, and then listen to songs for 3 hours. It supports Qi wireless charging.

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