Why is Apple's iOS 16 switch sound effect exclusive to the iPhone 14 / Pro series?

Apple's latest new iPhone 14 /Pro series has added a new accessibility feature that allows the new phone to play a sound when it is turned on and off, similar to Mac's iconic startup sound. The feature can be turned on or off in the iOS 16 settings.

However, this switching sound is only unique to Apple's iPhone 14 / Pro series, and other older iPhone models upgraded to iOS 16 do not have it. According to foreign media 9To5Mac, this limitation is due to the fact that the switch sound effect is not part of the operating system.

When the iPhone displays the Apple logo, the phone is in the boot loader bootrom stage, and the switch sound is built into the boot loader and embedded in the A16 / A15 bionic firmware, and the boot loader bootrom is read-only and cannot be modified afterward. Therefore, Apple cannot add this switch sound effect to older iPhones before the iPhone 14/Pro series.

Apple iPhone 14 / Pro series users can manage the power on and off sound effects under "Accessibility" in the "Settings" app. Note that there seems to be a bug in the iOS 16.1 beta version, which cannot play the switch sound effect.

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