Xiaomi launched the Mijia cooking robot

The Mijia cooking robot and the Mijia intelligent quick-cooking rice cooker 5L were officially launched at 10:00 today. The Mijia cooking robot pre-sale is 5,999 yuan, the original price is 6,999 yuan, and the selling points include:

  • 1 machine 35 uses;
  • CookingIoT intelligent cooking system;
  • 200+ recipe video guide;
  • Wide-speed domain reluctance motor;
  • 3 dishes and 1 soup in one pot;
  • Weighing is accurate to 1g;
  • 8-inch touch screen;
  • Xiaoai voice interaction;
  • IH stereo heating.

According to reports, this robot supports stir-frying, stewing, freshly steaming, kneading noodles, mincing meat, juicing, chopping, and washing. Sand shaved ice, grinding powder, low-temperature cooking, and weighing of ingredients are all in one. In addition, it uses a wide-speed domain reluctance motor, supports 40-12000rpm rotation speed, and has a self-developed CookingloT algorithm that can intelligently calculate the cooking temperature, stirring speed, and cooking time of each dish, and convert the cooking experience of professional chefs into AI. Cooking curves while continuing to upgrade online.

This cooking robot uses an 8-inch touch color screen, which can be used with more than 200 recipes for teaching, and supports voice control by Xiao Ai. In other respects, it can cook three dishes and one soup at the same time, and supports IH stereo heating and tobacco control. High-power heating to 180 ° C, fine temperature control system, control the temperature below the smoke point, reduce cooking fumes.

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