Xiaomi launched the new Mijia 5/7 alkaline battery

Xiaomi has now launched the new Mijia 5/7 alkaline batteries, all priced at 49.9 yuan for 40 capsules.This series of batteries adopt an all-steel shell, which is partially thickened, and adopts the secondary engraving sealing technology to strengthen the sealing and lock the power; it is equipped with a high-quality battery core, which is valid for 7 years.

In terms of design, the series of batteries are packaged in 5 colors, which can be matched with different colors for different appliances according to preferences.

In terms of safety, the official said that it can effectively prevent liquid leakage. The structure of the battery has been completely designed, and a new type of sealing ring material with good moisture absorption performance and more stable strength is used. It is not easy to deform and become brittle in harsh environments such as increased humidity and temperature. change.

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