Xiaomi launches Mijia smart pillow

Xiaomi launched the Mijia smart pillow crowdfunding appointment and will start crowdfunding on September 7. The original price of the smart pillow is 299 yuan, and the crowdfunding price is 259 yuan. It will start shipping on September 15.

The Mijia Smart Pillow has a built-in intelligent piezoelectric sensor that can capture heartbeat, breathing, body movement, and snoring. With the Al intelligent professional algorithm, it can monitor and record the user's sleep state.

The millimeter-scale ultra-thin flexible piezoelectric sensor of the Mijia Smart Pillow is hidden in the pillow core. Users do not need to wear additional equipment, and their sleep state can be monitored on the pillow. There is no restraint or foreign body sensation during sleep.

The Mijia Smart Pillow can dynamically grasp the duration of deep sleep and light sleep, combined with multi-parameter analysis and evaluation, to generate sleep scores and reports, and users can know the quality of sleep last night when they wake up.

The Mijia Smart Pillow has joined the Xiaomi smart ecosystem. Users can connect with other Xiaomi smart devices through Bluetooth access. After leaving the bed, the curtains are automatically opened; after falling asleep, the fresh air device is adjusted to sleep mode; Auto-dimming, etc.

The Mijia Smart Pillow is equipped with four AAA batteries, which are officially claimed to provide 60 days of long-lasting battery life, and the device is powered by a low-voltage DC, which is safe and reliable. When the user is not using the remote control, it can be stowed in the side pocket.

The Mijia Smart Pillow is designed with two heights of 12/10cm and can sleep in both directions. Officials say that the smart pillow is curved to fit the curve of the shoulders and neck, sleeps on the back and supports the head firmly, and sleep on the side to make up for the gap between the shoulder sockets, which can deeply relax the head, shoulders, and neck.

The pillow core of the Mijia Smart Pillow has the characteristics of flexibility and denseness, so that it can fit the curvature of the shoulder and neck, and release the pressure according to the change of sleeping position so that the muscles can relax naturally and fall asleep more peacefully.

The inner pillowcase of Mijia Smart Pillow adopts Silver Inside silver ion antibacterial blessing. After 20 washings, it can still maintain a 90%+ antibacterial rate, reaching AA-level long-term antibacterial. At the same time, the outer pillowcase is made of DuPont MSorona fiber composite fabric, which is delicate and skin-friendly, soft and slightly elastic.

The Mijia Smart Pillow is 60cm long and 40cm wide, the pillow core is made of polyurethane sponge, the net weight is 1400g, and it is connected through Bluetooth 5.2.

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