Xiaomi launches Mijia water ion hair care set H500C

Xiaomi Mijia Water Ion Hair Care Set H500C is on sale today, including a water ion hair dryer and a pocket smoothing comb, starting at 279 yuan. Mijia Water Ion Hair Care Set H500C uses cherry blossom pink. The hair dryer adopts innovative dual-needle water ion technology and hot and cold circulating air mode; it is equipped with a 20,000-rpm DC high-speed motor and a 7-wing aviation turbine-type fan blade, which squeezes the wind through the conical pressurized air duct to generate super wind with the highest wind speed Up to 20m/s, the airflow reaches the hair root.

The pocket hairbrush has a compact design, comes with a storage box, is made of polyester rubber, and has more than 100 comb teeth.

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