Xiaomi magnetic wireless charging treasure opens an appointment

Xiaomi has launched a magnetic wireless power bank that combines a magnetic power bank with a vertical wireless charger. It is specially designed for the iPhone 13/12 series and is priced at 199 yuan. According to reports, the Xiaomi magnetic wireless power bank supports two forms. When traveling, it is a magnetic wireless power bank; when using it on the desktop, it can be turned into a vertical wireless charger with a single release.

The power bank part above supports charging and discharging, and can also charge the mobile phone during self-charging. The Xiaomi magnetic wireless power bank is specially designed for iPhone13/12 series users, with a thickness of 12mm. It supports the magnetic wireless charging function and can be automatically charged without pressing a button. 10N magnetic attraction force (1kg), still charge with the case.

The Xiaomi magnetic wireless power bank has a capacity of 5000mAh, supports Type-C two-way charging, up to 20W input, 12W output, and safety features such as metal foreign object detection.

The Xiaomi magnetic wireless power bank has opened an appointment, priced at 199 yuan, and will be officially launched on September 16.

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