Xiaomi Mi 13 series models officially launched

Yesterday, a Xiaomi 5G digital mobile phone with model number 2210132C passed 3C certification, equipped with a charger with model number MDY-14-ED, and supports up to 120W fast charging.

The 3C certification shows that the applicant and manufacturer of this Xiaomi 5G mobile phone are Beijing Xiaomi Electronic Products Co., Ltd., and the production plant is Fuzhikang Precision Electronics (Langfang) Co., Ltd., and the first certification date is September 25.

According to digital blogger @Digital Chat Station, this phone is the Xiaomi Mi 13 series model, which is the first new Snapdragon 8 Gen2 phone to be announced in China, codenamed M2, which should be Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro.

Earlier today, the blogger also revealed that the Xiaomi Mi 13 Ultra, codenamed M1, has entered the version to start NPI. NPI (New Product Introduction, New Product Introduction) is a bridge between the factory (Factory) and the research and development (R&D), which is to introduce the products newly designed by the R&D unit to the factory for production.

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