Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner Natural Wind Gilt Version 2 HP Opens Pre-sale

Xiaomi has launched the new Mijia Air Conditioner Natural Wind Gilt Version 2 horses, with a price of 2,699 yuan, and the pre-sale is now open. The new Mijia air conditioner natural wind gilt version of 2 horses is the new three-level energy efficiency, and Xiaomi launched a new level of energy efficiency version last year, priced at 3099 yuan, the new model is cheaper, but the specifications have decreased.

According to reports, the air conditioner APF (annual energy consumption efficiency) value reached 3.88. The air conditioner adopts a " gilt aesthetic design ", with a "suspended fuselage structure", the background color is white and supports 3D natural wind, rapid cooling, and rapid heating, wide temperature range operation, intelligent interconnection...etc.

In terms of parameters, the size of the internal unit of the air conditioner is 999 x 308 x 210mm, the noise of the internal unit is 22~44 dB (A), the circulating air volume is 950m³/h, and the rated cooling power is 1650 (180~2400) W. The thermal power is 1850 (150~2575) W + 1250W electric auxiliary heat.

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