Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioning Speed ​​Cooling 1.5 HP Opens Pre-sale

Xiaomi has launched a Mijia air conditioner with a speed of 1.5 hp. The suggested retail price is 2099 yuan, and the arrival price is 1999 yuan. Pre-sale has been started. The air conditioner is new three-level energy efficiency. The recommended application area is 15~19 square meters. It supports 30-second rapid cooling and 60-second rapid heating. It is equipped with reliable variable frequency drive control technology and can operate in a wide temperature range of -32°C to 55°C.

In addition, the air conditioner has a self-developed new air duct to ensure smooth air supply, with noise as low as 18dB (A), and supports Xiao Ai's voice control, with a 6-year warranty. The Mijia Air Conditioning Speed ​​Cooling 1.5 HP internal unit has a size of 840 x 311 x 200mm, and the external unit has a size of 860 x 551 x 331mm. The specific parameters can be seen in the figure below.

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