Xiaomi Mijia Glasses Camera has opened for pre-sale

Xiaomi Mijia glasses camera is pre-sold today through omni-channel, and the price is 2599 yuan. It will officially go on sale at 18:00 on September 6. At the same time, the Mijia glasses camera will start its first OTA update on September 10, and the updates will include animal and plant recognition, “combat power” detectors, and optimization of the anti-shake function.

According to reports, the newly added animal and plant recognition function of Mijia glasses camera can intelligently identify animals and plant names and display introductions. The Mijia glasses camera will also launch a "combat power" detector, which can intelligently estimate the combat power value . Officially, the "combat power" detector can be described as the most representative equipment in the "Dragon Ball" series, and now you can cross the dimension with the Mijia glasses camera and have the experience of the characters in the play.

At the same time, the Mijia glasses camera has also optimized the anti-shake function. After optimization, the anti-shake effect has been significantly improved, and the smoothness problem has also been improved.

The Mijia glasses camera is equipped with a  50-megapixel four-in-one wide-angle main camera, with F / 1.8 large aperture, 5P lens, and EIS electronic image stabilization . Equipped with 8 million periscope optical telephoto lens, with F / 3.4 aperture, 5P lens, split OIS optical image stabilization. The Mijia glasses camera is equipped with a free-form surface AR light machine, with a light efficiency ratio of 60% and a peak eye brightness of 1800nits. The screen can be clearly seen outdoors in sunny conditions. Using Sony's new-generation Micro OLED silicon-based display, the peak brightness reaches 3000nits, the pixel density is 3281ppi, which is 6 times + that of mobile phones, and supports 10000:1 contrast ratio.

In terms of functions, the Mijia glasses camera is equipped with a 1X-15X periscope dual camera to achieve the first perspective, what you see is what you get; free your hands, tap and shoot, and the capture speed exceeds that of handheld devices; equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core independent platform, real-time Xiao Ai translates to text.

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