Xiaomi Mijia modular robot released

At the Xiaomi Civi 2 new product launch conference this afternoon, Xiaomi also launched the Mijia modular robot, which can be freely assembled by users and supports emotional interaction and programming. The initial price is 3599 yuan. It is recommended The retail price is 3699 yuan, and it has been sold on all platforms.

The Mijia modular robot supports modular assembly, which can be assembled into various shapes, such as lazy turtle, little smart, little seal, etc., and also supports the expansion of the Clipbo module.

Mijia modular robot supports action programming and graphical programming. Action programming can be programmed by hand: no code is required, just turn the robot joints, and you can record key actions such as movement speed, angle, and trajectory, and complete the continuous movement you want. action. Graphical programming has a simple and intuitive graphical programming interface, and you can complete more complex functions and actions by dragging and dropping command modules, allowing the robot to evolve with you. It can complete interactions such as shaking hands, taking selfies, AR feeding, playing games, dancing, quiz, and 123 wooden people.

The Mijia modular robot is highly integrated with visual recognition, gesture recognition, motion detection, and touch sensing modules, and has a built-in ARM architecture processor. Self-developed single bus communication protocol realizes flexible control of whole body modules.

The Mijia modular robot drive ball adopts a patented buckle design, which is easy to assemble and disassemble, and has a stable structure; it adopts an ultra-small deceleration servo motor, which rotates smoothly and has strong torque; it provides a ring indicator light and an angle position sensor, which is accurate in action and accurate restoration. Set a pose.

A bionic foot module with pressure sensing and an extension pole module with smart lighting are also available.

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