Xiaomi Mijia refrigerator cross door 430L on sale

The Mijia refrigerator cross-door 430L Moyuyan will go on sale tonight, and reservations are now open, with a starting price of 2199 yuan.

According to reports, this refrigerator uses Moyu rock metal slate, has 17 compartments, 154L of freezing space, 266L of refrigeration space, 10L of the variable greenhouse, supports two-speed variable temperature, adjustable dry and wet, first-class energy efficiency, 99.99% antibacterial rate, Equipped with silver ion antibacterial and deodorant module, equipped with LED touch panel.

This refrigerator is equipped with an inverter compressor and an inverter fan, with a running time of 36 decibels and 0.85 kWh/day.

In addition, it also has overhead LED lighting, hidden door handles, detachable door seals, adjustable shelves, and supports Mijia App and Xiao Ai.

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