Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pillow starts crowdfunding today

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pillow started crowdfunding in Xiaomi Mall, with a retail price of 299 yuan and a crowdfunding price of 259 yuan. The product page shows that the Mijia Smart Pillow has a built-in intelligent piezoelectric sensor that can capture heartbeat, breathing, body movement, and snoring. With the Al intelligent professional algorithm, it can monitor and record the user's sleep state. At the same time, the Mijia smart pillow is designed with two heights of 12/10cm and can sleep in both directions.

The Mijia Smart Pillow is 60cm long and 40cm wide. It is made of polyurethane sponge material and has a net weight of 1400g. It can be connected via Bluetooth 5.2. Users can connect with other Xiaomi smart devices through Bluetooth access.

In terms of functions, the Mijia Smart Pillow can dynamically grasp the duration of deep sleep and light sleep, and combine multi-parameter analysis and evaluation to generate sleep scores and reports. In addition, the Mijia Smart Pillow is equipped with four AAA batteries, which are officially claimed to provide 60 days of long-lasting battery life, and the device is powered by a low-voltage DC.

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