Xiaomi Mijia transparent steam rice cooker released

At the Xiaomi Civi 2 new product launch conference this afternoon, Xiaomi launched a Mijia transparent steam rice cooker, which is really transparent. The suggested retail price is 699 yuan, and the starting price is 599 yuan.

The rice cooker is equipped with a 300° annular viewing window, which can be seen throughout the cooking process. Although this does not make the rice more delicious, it is indeed more interesting and can be used to send friends.

The rice cooker is made of tempered high borosilicate glass inner pot, alternating cold and heat, not easy to crack, no coating, clean and no dead ends, with a capacity of 4L. Also comes with a 1.6L stainless steel steamer.

The control interface of the rice cooker is at the top, using a glass panel OLED screen touch, connecting to the Mijia App, and NFC, which supports 24-hour appointments.

The overall length of the rice cooker is 280mm, width 298mm, height 248mm, the power cord is 0.9 meters long, the rated power is 860W, the weight is 5.4kg, and the three-level energy efficiency. The packaging box includes the rice cooker body, rice spoon, porridge spoon, measuring cup, steamer, power cord, etc.

The Xiaomi Mijia transparent steam rice cooker is now on sale with an initial price of 599 yuan.

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