Xiaomi MIUI Smart Island third-party theme will be launched soon

In the early morning of the day before yesterday, Apple held a new product launch conference and officially released the iPhone 14 series of mobile phones. This series of mobile phones has four models: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The starting price is 5999 yuan. Among them, the iPhone 14 Pro series uses a pill-digging screen with a smart island design.

Apple says Smart Island brings users a whole new way to interact with the iPhone, blurring the lines between hardware and software, with real-time changes showing important reminders, notifications, and events. Activities that keep running in the background like maps, music apps, or timers are always visible and interactive. In addition, Smart Island works with third-party apps in iOS 16 that provide information (such as game scores and carpool information) through Live Activity.

After Apple launched Smart Island, many netizens speculated that Android manufacturers would follow up. Although no Android manufacturer has disclosed relevant intentions, some users have already begun to act. Recently, a theme designer named "Mu Ye" said that he has developed a third-party theme similar to "Smart Island", and has uploaded it to the Xiaomi theme store, waiting for official review.

It is reported that the theme designed by the theme designer is called "Smart Pill", which supports functions such as custom aircraft animation, personalized text on lock screen charging, time and date inversion, small white bars, smart charging, and smart music. At the same time, users can adjust the position of the "Smart Island" in the "Smart Lock Screen Alignment" option to suit models with different openings. In contrast, the "Smart Pill" launched by the theme designer is more of an appearance modification. To complete the functions similar to the Apple Smart Island, the official system adaptation is required.

However, according to Xiaomi's official announcement, Xiaomi MIUI will not do "Smart Island" related functions for the time being.

The depth-sensing camera of Apple's iPhone 14 Pro series has been redesigned to reduce the display space occupied, enabling pill-digging. On the premise of not affecting the display of the screen content, the Apple Smart Island remains active, allowing users to use the control options with just a long press.

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