Xiaomi noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset Necklace released

At the Xiaomi Civi 2 new phone launch this afternoon, Xiaomi also brought a number of other new products, one of which is the Xiaomi noise-canceling Bluetooth headset Necklace, which is a jewelry design. Noise-canceling headphones, the crowdfunding price is 429 yuan, and the suggested retail price is 499 yuan. The crowdfunding starts at 15:00 today.

The Xiaomi noise-canceling Bluetooth headset Necklace adopts a magnetic absorption design, the headset does not run around, supports five-way touch, adopts 2.5D glazed glass technology, and provides three types of ice crystal white, neon blue, and Yaoye black. color matching. The headset uses a 13.4mm large moving coil unit, which supports LHDC4.0 ultra-clear decoding and HRTF professional tuning. The earphones offer 20 hours of long battery life, with a 10-minute charge and 7 hours of battery life. It is worth mentioning that the collar of the headset is the charging cable.

Xiaomi's noise-canceling Bluetooth headset Necklace also supports 43dB active noise reduction, 3000Hz broadband noise reduction, six-mic triangular matrix call noise reduction, LLAC low-latency audio decoding, and IPX5 waterproofing.

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