Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 opens for pre-sale

Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 is on pre-sale. The outdoor camera is priced at 249 yuan, and the pre-sale price is 229 yuan. It is expected to start shipping on September 26.

The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 uses a 3-megapixel ultra-clear CMOS sensor with 2K ultra-clear image quality and WDR wide dynamic technology, which can cope with various complex outdoor environments 24 hours a day.

The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 has built-in 2 high-power white lights + 2 infrared lights, intelligent full-color night vision, and clear imaging in the dark. When someone passes by, the white light is automatically turned on to fill in the light, and the color picture is still displayed in the dark environment.

The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 can be set up with an intelligent electronic fence. When it recognizes that the picture changes or the human figure moves in the electronic fence area, it will notify the owner through the mobile phone in time, and at the same time, it can also avoid invalid notification of changes outside the electronic fence. The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 can provide sound and light warnings to drive away uninvited guests.

The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 has built-in speakers and microphones. Officials claim that the 7m far field can also be clearly picked up, the sound and picture are recorded at the same time, and the sound is full and clear when watching the video.

The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 adopts IP66 dustproof and waterproof technology, which can still operate stably in bad weather. The image sensor circuit exclusively uses the "Dokdo-style" circuit board to reduce the thermal impact of high temperature, and the official claims that it can operate stably at 60 degrees.

The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 has an external Wi-Fi antenna, built-in Mijia security chip + AES128-bit encryption algorithm. The camera adopts H.265 video encoding technology and supports local and cloud storage.

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