Xiaomi power bank 5000mAh lipstick version released

At the Xiaomi Civi 2 new product launch conference this afternoon, Xiaomi launched a variety of accessory products. The Xiaomi Power Bank 5000mAh lipstick version is priced at 129 yuan and has been officially launched.

According to the official introduction, the power bank weighs 127g, uses a macaron gradient blue powder color scheme, and the shell is made of matte UV matte material, with a height of 94.5mm and a length and width of 30.6mm.

The rated capacity of the power bank is 2700mAh (5V 2.4A), which is the real power that can charge the mobile phone. The power bank uses 21700 cells, is equipped with a Type-C interface for two-way fast charging, up to 13.5W input and 20W output, can quickly charge iPhone 13 and can be charged to 43% in 30 minutes; it can also charge Xiaomi Civi 2 80 %.

The Xiaomi Power Bank 5000mAh lipstick version is now on sale, priced at 129 yuan.

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