Xiaomi's new patent for earthquake early warning is announced

Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. and Beijing Xiaomi Songguo Electronics Co., Ltd. applied for the " earthquake information reminder method, device, router, electronic equipment and storage medium " The patent was announced.

The abstract shows that the router in the earthquake area in this application can broadcast the broadcast signal carrying the earthquake information and the wake-up information to the electronic device in the shutdown state so that the electronic device in the shutdown state is driven by the wake-up information. The earthquake information further enables the electronic device in the shutdown state to also play the role of earthquake information reminder.

Xiaomi mobile phones have previously launched the earthquake early warning function, which supports most of the 25 provinces (including municipalities and autonomous regions) across the country. Users who have turned on the earthquake early warning function will receive a strong reminder when an earthquake occurs and will actually be affected by the earthquake.

The earthquake early warning is not an earthquake prediction, but an emergency alert issued after an earthquake occurs and before the destructive seismic waves arrive. This alert will tell you how long it is until the earthquake and its possible impact, giving us valuable time to escape.

In addition, Xiaomi mobile phones have also launched the earthquake monitoring function, which uses built-in low-power sensors to sense seismic waves, and then uses AI algorithms to measure earthquake information and issue early warnings to the people in the affected areas.

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