Xiaomi's new patent for mobile phones

Xiaomi’s new actions in mobile phone imaging have been exposed. According to Weibo blogger @Digital Chat Station, Xiaomi's new patent is tackling the infinite continuous optical zoom module. The schematic diagram of the patent also shows the huge image module of the Xiaomi mobile phone.

According to Xiaomi's patent abstract, the present disclosure relates to a camera for a terminal, the camera includes: a camera mounted on the terminal; a zoom control switch, the zoom control switch is provided on the terminal, and the camera Receives the rotation signal of the zoom control switch, and switch between the short focus state and the long focus state. In the present disclosure, by manually controlling the zoom control switch so that the zoom control switch sends a contraction signal or an extension signal, manual step-less adjustment of the focal length of the camera can be realized, so that the user can obtain the photographing experience of a single-lens reflex camera in an electronic device with limited space.

Recently, Xiaomi Zeng Xuezhong said that Xiaomi's next-generation AI-ISP chip has been greatly upgraded on the basis of Surging C1, including customized computer vision engine MiCVP, 3A enhancement algorithm, and characteristic AI enhancement algorithm. "The Xiaomi mobile phone has achieved the largest one-inch outsole in the industry, which is comparable to that of a card machine, and the image quality has been greatly improved."

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