Xiaomi's new patent is authorized to actively charge vehicles

Since Xiaomi announced its entry into the automotive field, many users have been paying attention to the progress of Xiaomi cars. Today, another new patent of Xiaomi Auto has been authorized.

The patent, titled "Charging Apparatus, Method, Apparatus, Vehicle, Electronic Device, and Storage Medium," was filed on June 24, 2022, by Xiaomi Auto Technology Co., Ltd. The patent abstract shows that the charging device in the patent can actively charge the vehicle to be charged, and can decouple the charging process from user behavior without user operation. Charging can realize fast charging of vehicles and high-voltage platform charging of vehicles, which improves the intelligence and convenience of charging.

The patent relates to a charging device, method, device, vehicle, electronic device, and storage medium, and relates to the field of charging technology. Among them, the charging device in the patent includes a controller, a control switch, a rechargeable battery, a first interface, a second interface, and a third interface. The first interface is used to connect with the charging interface of the vehicle to be charged; the second interface and the third interface are used to connect to a preset charging device; the controller is used to regulate the first end of the control switch to communicate with the second end of the control switch, Or the first end of the control switch is connected with the third end of the control switch to charge the vehicle to be charged with the preset charging device.

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