Xiaomi's new patent: Predict the vehicle falling into the water and send a signal

Xiaomi Auto Technology Co., Ltd. published a patent for "vehicle falling into water detection method, vehicle, computer-readable storage medium and chip ".

The patent abstract shows that the present disclosure relates to the field of automatic driving. By acquiring the sensor detection information output by the inertial measurement unit IMU and the multi-frame images captured by the camera, the vehicle pose is determined, the distance between the vehicle and the water surface is determined according to the pose, and the distance is less than a predetermined distance. Under the threshold condition, it is determined that the vehicle is about to fall into the water.

The patent specification shows that the patent can predict the vehicle falling into the water and send a signal, which improves the safety of the vehicle, reduces the installation of liquid level sensors and their maintenance, and reduces the cost of the vehicle.

At the Xiaomi conference in August, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi has invested 3.3 billion yuan in research and development in the field of autonomous driving in the first phase, and established a top-level research and development team with more than 500 people. At the same time, through wholly-owned mergers and acquisitions and industrial investment in upstream and downstream enterprises and other means to promote the medium and long-term industrial layout in the field of autonomous driving. This shows that Xiaomi has invested heavily in this field, and it is difficult to lower the cost of the first model.

Lei Jun previously said that Xiaomi's first car will be delivered in the first half of 2024.

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