Xiaopeng Automobile's battery supply is diversified

In electric vehicles, batteries are very important. The Ningde era, which started earlier, is currently the world's largest supplier and has a considerable share in the global electric vehicle battery market. Major battery supplier to several electric vehicle manufacturers.

However, judging from the latest reports from foreign media, Xiaopeng Motors, which has just launched the ultra-fast charging fully intelligent electric SUV G9, has made diversified arrangements for its battery supply, and CATL is no longer the largest supplier.

According to the information disclosed by Gu Hongdi, vice chairman and president of Xiaopeng Motors, in the interview, foreign media reported that the Ningde era is no longer the main battery supplier of Xiaopeng Motors.

According to foreign media reports, Gu Hongdi revealed in an online interview that they have made diversified arrangements for battery suppliers, and CATL is no longer their largest supplier of raw materials.

Foreign media mentioned in the report that Gu Hongdi also revealed in the interview that they are cooperating with a number of high-quality battery suppliers, such as China Innovation Aviation and Yiwei Lithium Energy.

However, in the interview, Gu Hongdi did not disclose which one of their largest battery suppliers is currently, nor did they disclose the reasons for their diversified arrangements.

In the report that there are many possibilities for Xiaopeng Motors to diversify battery suppliers. The first is battery supply. Although batteries have been mass-produced, the production capacity of battery manufacturers has been unable to meet the continuous demand in the field of electric vehicles. Increased demand and supplier diversification can prevent production from being affected by a shortage of a single supplier.In addition, the charging speed is also an influencing factor for car manufacturers to consider battery suppliers, and it is also an important influencing factor for consumers to buy electric vehicles. Foreign media mentioned in the newspaper report that Xiaopeng Motors chose Sunwoda to supply batteries for their newly launched G9 because it can charge the battery to 80% in 15 minutes.

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