Xingji Times officially announced that it will launch the world's first consumer-grade mobile phone directly connected to low-orbit satellites

Geely's Xingji Times Company, which acquired a 79.09% controlling stake in Meizu Technology, announced that it will launch the world's first consumer-grade mobile phone directly connected to low-orbit satellites.

Wang Yong, CEO of Xingji Times, said that since the 3G era, we have changed from the initial use of mobile phones to make calls to the era of "watching" mobile phones to obtain information and communicate through mobile phones. It can be said that the way of touch interaction has led to the entire change. In the next decade, due to the rapid growth of people's demand for multi-device intelligent fusion experience, a new information display and interaction method are required. We took a fancy to the opportunity window of era change, ALL IN came in, focused on the research and development of a new generation of intelligent terminal products, including Xingji Internet mobile phones, AR technology-related products, smart car-related technologies, etc., and integrated these technologies, hoping to bring people a kind of A brand new immersive experience that realizes the astronomical journey between the physical world and the digital world.

Xingji Times proposed the Xingji interconnection technology, through 5G + low-orbit satellite communication + near-field communication to achieve global coverage, and multi-terminal interconnection, so that people "never lose contact". The blessing of low-orbit satellites provides a wide-coverage, high-speed, stable, low-latency space-ground integrated communication channel for Xingji's full-scenario business.

Wang Yong also said that Xingji Times, relying on the layout of Chairman Li Shufu can leverage the communication capabilities of low-orbit satellites in the travel technology ecosystem. The Xingji Internet mobile phone to be launched in the future will be the world's first consumer-grade mobile phone directly connected to low-orbit satellites. , to realize the integration of heaven and earth and the unbounded connection. In deserts, deep seas, jungles, and other uninhabited places, it can also ensure the communication needs of consumers and achieve real, full-scene, and global link coverage.

Wang Yong revealed that the products of Xingji Times will be launched as soon as next year, which will bring a new interaction design, called multimodal bionic interaction design. In the future, Xingji Internet mobile phones, AR glasses, smart cars, and other products will be integrated to bring users an immersive experience of seamless flow and unbounded connection.

On September 2, Hubei Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd. and Hubei Xingji Meizu Holdings Co., Ltd. were officially unveiled. Xingji Times and Xingji Meizu will deploy high-end mobile phone business and wearable mobile terminal business in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, and strive to create an industrial ecology of human-vehicle interaction.

Xingji Times is committed to the research and development and manufacture of high-end smartphones, XR technology products, and wearable smart terminal products. It will settle in Wuhan Economic Development Zone in September 2021 and will invest in the construction of a global headquarters for all-scenario integrated smart products for the dual 6G era. In addition, the next-generation mobile intelligent terminal R&D center of Xingji Times is about to start construction and is expected to be put into use in April 2023.

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