Yangtze River Storage has entered Apple's supply chain

The IDM integrated circuit manufacturer focuses on the integration of 3D NAND flash memory design and manufacturing, and the Yangtze River Storage Technology Co., Ltd., which also provides complete memory solutions, has entered the Apple supply chain 14 Supply NAND flash.

The entry of YMTC into Apple's supply chain was first reported by South Korean media, who said in the report that Apple had listed YMTC as a NAND flash memory supplier for the iPhone 14. The Korean media also stated in the report that the NAND flash memory currently required by Apple is supplied by Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, and Kioxia, while DRAM relies on Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, and is highly dependent on South Korean memory chip manufacturers.

Market watchers believe that Apple's partnership with YMTC will further diversify their suppliers of NAND flash memory, while also helping to lower the price of this important component. However, the Korean media did not mention the start time of YMTC's supply of NAND flash memory to the iPhone 14, nor the supply, and which models will be used for it is still unknown.

If YMTC becomes a NAND flash memory supplier for the iPhone 14, as reported by Korean media, it means that their products have been recognized by Apple, as an important customer, and Apple's orders will also promote their development.

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