Yiwei Lithium Energy will provide large cylindrical lithium-ion batteries for BMW

Yiwei Lithium Energy issued an announcement saying that the company's subsidiary Yiwei Power has recently received a letter from the German BMW Group, and will provide large cylindrical lithium-ion for the German BMW Group's Neue Klasse series models. The announcement pointed out that the smooth implementation of the project will help the two parties to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship in the future, and further promote the company's development in the lithium-ion power battery market.

Yiwei Lithium Energy said that the two parties to this cooperation have good contract performance capabilities, but the progress of the project is still uncertain. The actual supply volume must be subject to the official sales order, which will affect the business performance of this year. Not sure yet. The company will perform further information disclosure obligations in a timely manner according to the progress of the matter.

Earlier today, the BMW Group announced that it will be the first to use cylindrical cells in "new generation" models from 2025 , and said it has awarded two partners, CATL and EVE Energy. Battery cell production demand contracts worth more than 10 billion euros. The two partners will build two battery cell factories in China and Europe, each with an annual capacity of 20GWh.

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