Yu Chengdong said that some Chinese companies copied Huawei

Recently, at the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Design Capital Conference, Huawei executive director and terminal BG CEO Yu Chengdong said in a speech, "In many industries, especially some Chinese companies, they are copying our designs. Including some of our patents, people don't pay us patent fees when they use them, they use them directly, and then claim that they are their own patents, and even some things are copied directly ."

Recently, the first World Design Capital Conference hosted by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government opened. Yu Chengdong delivered a speech on the theme of " Chinese Design, World Brand " at the opening ceremony.

Yu Chengdong said in his speech: "Every generation of our product design has the genetic inheritance of our design elements in a family. For example, the Mate series, the design of central axis symmetry, continues to evolve and iterate in each generation. We have just released With the Mate 50 product, we can be said to be moving forward on the road to extreme simplicity, extreme, simple, and pure.”

Yu Chengdong also said that Huawei's design is to do subtraction, pursue the ultimate simplicity, and stand the test of time, "For every proposal and scheme of our industrial design, I am the finalist as a model selector. Decision-making, if my taste is relatively low, will be a disaster for the team. Of course, we have a professional team who will do professional research, which is in line with our design spirit and design philosophy.”

"When we released the M7, some people criticized our car as not good-looking. I want to say that his taste is relatively low. I think a great design can only pass the test of time. The more people look at the product, the more high-end it is. The more you look at it, the more you like it, this is a great design." Yu Chengdong said that some songs last for a long time, on the contrary, a pop song will make people "vomit".

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