Yuandao's second-generation Yuandao sauce headphones launch new color matching

According to the official news of Yuandao, the second-generation upgraded version of NiceHCK Yuandao flat head plug "Yuandao sauce" has added new colors, and the price starts from 9.9 yuan.

According to the official introduction, the main upgrade points of Yuandao sauce (including this updated color version) compared to the original headphones are as follows:

  • The moving coil is upgraded from the original PET diaphragm moving coil to a PEEK+PU composite diaphragm moving coil with better sound, and the size of the moving coil remains unchanged.
  • The wire is upgraded from the previous ordinary copper wire to the more advanced "oxygen-free copper wire" and "silver-plated wire". These two kinds of wires are more HiFi, with good purity and good sound.
  • The packaging design has been updated, which is more suitable for gifting and retailing in physical stores. In addition, there is an original Daojiang card in the packaging.
  • The plug has been upgraded from the previous ordinary straight plug to the L-shaped curved plug redesigned by NiceHCK.

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