Zeng Xuezhong revealed that Xiaomi's next-generation AI-ISP chip will be greatly improved

Recently, Xiaomi senior vice president Zeng Xuezhong put forward three thoughts on future imaging at the 2022 Future. Imaging Industry Summit: multi-dimensional sensing, AI empowerment, and image interconnection, and he revealed Xiaomi's next-generation AI. -ISP chip will be greatly improved on the basis of C1 (self-developed ISP image chip Surging C1).

At this summit, Zeng Xuezhong, director of the Engineering Research Center and senior vice president of Xiaomi Group, put forward three thinking points for future images: multi-dimensional sensing, enhancing the direction of images, broadening the dimensions of image sensing, and breaking through the limitations of vision; AI empowerment, in the field of computational photography, uses AI algorithms to deeply combine with hardware to break through the limitations of hardware; in image interconnection and computing interoperability technology, use interconnected computing to break the limitations of image acquisition and computing.

In thinking about future images, Zeng Xuezhong mentioned Xiaomi's next-generation ISP chip. According to him, Xiaomi's next-generation AI-ISP chip will be greatly improved on the basis of C1 (self-developed ISP image chip Surging C1).

In March last year (2021), Xiaomi released its self-developed ISP chip, Surging C1, which was first carried by Xiaomi's first folding screen mobile phone, the MIX FOLD.

In addition, Yi Yan, vice president of Xiaomi's mobile phone department and general manager of the camera department, also shared Xiaomi's accumulation of imaging technology in five major application scenarios of mobile phones, robots, XR, smart cars, and smart manufacturing. He said that in the future, relying on the platform of the center, Xiaomi will continue to increase resource investment, unite more upstream and downstream industry partners, focus on the systemic needs of the imaging industry, do a good job in industrial synergy, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry.

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