Zhaoyi Innovation released the first automotive-grade MCU of the GD32A503 series

Zhaoyi Innovation announced today that it has released the first GD32A503 series of automotive-grade microcontrollers based on the Cortex-M33 core, officially entering the automotive-grade MCU market.

According to the official introduction, the new MCU adopts an advanced vehicle-level process platform, follows the design concept and production standards of the vehicle-level level, and meets the requirements of high reliability and stability for vehicles. With balanced processing performance, rich peripheral interfaces, and enhanced security levels, this series of products provides mainstream development options for various electrified vehicle scenarios such as body control, vehicle lighting, smart cockpit, assisted driving, and motor power. The GD32A503 product portfolio provides a total of 10 models in 4 packages, which have passed the previous user verification and are now officially open for sample and development board applications.

The new GD32A503 adopts 40nm automotive-grade process and high-speed embedded flash memory eFlash technology. Through DFM design for manufacturability and high test vector coverage, R&D and manufacturing collaboration can be achieved to improve yield and reliability and meet stringent automotive requirements. Market demand.

The GD32A503 series MCU is based on a 100MHz Cortex®-M33 core, equipped with 384KB Flash and 48KB SRAM, and another dedicated code space can be configured as 64KB DFlash / 4KB EEPROM. The chip adopts a 2.7-5.5V wide voltage power supply, the working temperature range is -40~+125℃, and the working life is more than 15 years.

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