ZTE Releases Super 700M Indoor 5G CPE MC888S

ZTE today launched a new 5G+Wi-Fi6 indoor CPE product, which is suitable for live video, corporate office, home Internet access, student dormitories, stores, rural farms, and other scenarios. ZTE MC888S adopts a full-band full Netcom 5G solution, supports SA and NSA dual-mode 5G networks, and supports 5G and 4G frequency bands of the four major domestic operators of China Mobile, China Unicom, Telecom, and Radio and Television.

Officials said that in response to the joint construction of the 700MHz 5G "Golden Band" by China Mobile and Radio and Television, MC888S transformed ZTE's years of technology accumulation in the field of communications, and developed a technology for multi-channel transmission and reception under the 700M network. As a result, the 5G coverage is greatly improved, and it is more convenient for users in suburban, rural and remote areas to access 5G coverage signals. Help operators greatly reduce the cost of station construction, operation and maintenance and power consumption. The 700M 4*4MIMO solution matched with the MC888S doubles the user experience rate, fully realizing the advantages of 5G signal coverage and fast speed, allowing users to enjoy extremely fast 5G Internet access anytime, anywhere.

In terms of parameters, the MC888S adopts the high-speed Wi-Fi6 standard, the Wi-Fi rate specification is 3000Mbps , can access up to 128 terminal devices at the same time, and also supports the EasyMesh networking technology. The fuselage has four Gigabit WAN / LAN ports. Support 5G / wired dual network dual standby mode, that is, you can access the Internet by inserting a 5G SIM card, or you can access the Internet by wired broadband. This 5G indoor CPE product MC888S has a normal power consumption of no more than 15W, and the power consumption cost per bit is significantly lower than that of 4G.

The product will be available soon, and the price has not yet been announced.

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