A large number of '4G upgrade 5G SMS link' scams appear in India

The Mumbai police in India issued a warning about 5G-related scams. Scammers trick users by offering instructions to upgrade to 5G connectivity. Previously, the Hyderabad and Gurugram police also warned users about similar scams.

After India launched 5G services on October 1, the network is being rolled out slowly in stages. The next generation of mobile networks brings numerous upgrades, but it also creates new opportunities for scammers. A tweet from the Mumbai police alerted users to a new scam: scammers are deceiving customers by giving people a guide to upgrading to 5G. Do not share their personal or banking information or click on any unknown links, police said.

Internet scammers send links in the name of 5G. If the user opens the link, there is a risk of hackers attacking the phone. Users are at risk if they are not vigilant. "By sending a link to upgrade from 4G to 5G SIM, the account balance is cleared. These links are sent on behalf of the respective telcos."

Reports show scammers pretending to be executives of major telecom companies and directing people to switch to 5G SIM cards. However, in the process, they send the user an OTP (one-time password) or link, which has the potential to lead to further intrusions into the user's device or bank account.

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