According to a survey, 31% of US teenagers own an Apple Watch, whereas 87% own an iPhone

Nearly a third of American teens own an Apple Watch, according to a report on American teens by investment banking giant Piper Sandler. The latest report from the biannual " Taking Stock With Teens " shows that 31 percent of U.S. teens currently own an Apple Watch, and another 16 percent plan to buy one.

Additionally, 87% of U.S. teens own an iPhone, and 88% want to buy another iPhone as their next phone. Apple launched the Apple Watch SE 2 watch last month, which has the same processor as the Apple Watch Series 8 and includes new car crash detection and emergency SOS features. The GPS model costs $249. The cellular model, priced at $299, could become a popular watch for American parents for their kids.

The new Apple Watch SE retains the previous case design but redesigned the nylon composite case back to make it lighter. In addition, the watch has joined the family sharing settings function, so that family members without an iPhone can also experience the functions on the Apple Watch.

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