Acer launches Predator Ruixuan A770 overclocking graphics card page

Not long ago, Acer released a custom Ruixuan A770 graphics card of the Predator brand, named Predator BiFrost. Now, this graphics card has been launched on Acer's official website and is expected to be officially released tonight.

Acer has now confirmed that this A770 graphics card will be an overclocked OC version with 16GB of memory, with an OC frequency of 2400MHz. In terms of heat dissipation, this graphics card adopts the heat dissipation design of turbofan + axial flow fan + vapor chamber. Officially, this technology, rare in GPUs, simplifies airflow to circulate it quickly and efficiently.

At present, Acer has not announced the price of this graphics card. The Intel A750 and A770 graphics cards will be available on October 12. The Ruixuan A750 is priced at $289 (about 2,057.68 yuan), and the Ruixuan A770 8GB is priced at $329 (about 2,342.48 yuan). The A770 Limited Edition 16GB is priced at $349 (about 2484.88 yuan).

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