AMD announces three Ryzen 5000 PRO processors

AMD's official website has now announced three Ryzen 5000 PRO processors, all of which are 65W TDP, and are expected to be used in OEM commercial machines.

As shown above, the three products are the R5 PRO 5645 with 6 cores and 12 threads, the R7 PRO 5845 with 8 cores and 16 threads, and the R9 5945 with 12 cores. Interestingly, the introduction of "threads" is directly deleted from the introduction information of R9 5945. It is not clear whether this processor is 12 threads or 24 threads.

Previously, a ThinkStation desktop from Lenovo exposed this series of processors, and third-party merchants have already put them on the shelves. None of the above three PRO processors have a core display. In terms of parameters, the maximum frequency of R5 PRO 5645 is the same as that of R5 5600X, and the maximum frequency of R7 PRO 5845 and R9 PRO 5945 is 0.1GHz lower than that of R7 5800X and R9 5900X.

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