AMD Chipset Driver Released

AMD released its latest chipset driver, version New drivers add additional support for AM5 socket motherboards.

 you bought the latest X670E, X670, or one of the upcoming B650, B650E motherboards, the new chipset drivers can improve compatibility or bring more features.

In addition, the new driver also supports SHA256 hash algorithm authentication, making it more secure than traditional hash algorithms. The driver also brings improved USB4 debugging with DFX support, as well as improvements to the AMD Sensor Fusion Hub (SFH).

The updates are as follows:

  • Added SHA256 authentication driver support
  • Added AM5 program support

Known issues:

  • In some cases, custom installations cannot be upgraded to the latest drivers.
  • Text alignment issues may be seen in Russian.
  • After installation, a manual system restart is required on non-English operating systems.
  • The uninstall summary log may incorrectly show the uninstall status as failed on non-English operating systems.

You can click here to download AMD chipset driver

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