AMD confirmed to announce RDNA3 architecture graphics card on November 3

According to AMD's official website, AMD will announce the RDNA3 architecture graphics card to the world on November 3rd. Previously, on the eve of Nvidia’s release of the RTX 40 series graphics cards, AMD executives had tweeted that they would “launch” RDNA3 architecture graphics cards on November 3. Generally speaking, launch refers to the launch of a product.

 Looking at it now, AMD will announce the specifications and performance information of the RDNA3 architecture graphics card on November 3, and the release time may be in December.

When the Ryzen 7000 processor was released, AMD revealed some information about the RDNA3 architecture graphics card. Compared with the existing RDNA2 GPU, the next-generation GPU will have the following highlights:

  • 5nm process node
  • Advanced Chiplet Packaging
  • New Architecture Compute Unit
  • Optimized graphics pipeline
  • Next-Generation AMD Infinite Cache
  • 50% improvement in performance per watt compared to RDNA 2
In terms of appearance, the RX 7000 series reference graphics card design maintains a black color scheme and a three-fan design, similar to the RX 6950XT.

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