AMD R7 5800X3D desktop large cache processor landed on XMG gaming notebook

Notebook manufacturer XMG announced today that by updating the BIOS, its APEX 15 MAX (E22) notebook computers now support AMD's R7 5800X3D desktop large cache processor. With the second major BIOS update to version 1.07.09A01, APEX 15 MAX (E22) notebooks can now use AMD's fastest gaming CPU, the R7 5800X3D. According to XMG's test data, in Tomb Raider, the R7 5800X3D outperforms the R7 5700X by about 30%.

In May of this year, XMG released the new Apex 15 Max laptop, equipped with an AMD CPU on the desktop, the graphics card can be RTX 3060 or RTX 3070, and the screen is a 15.6-inch FHD 240Hz display.

In addition, this notebook's HDMI port has been upgraded to 2.1 standards, as well as DisplayPort 1.4 and USB type-C interface. In terms of price, this notebook starts at 1399 euros (about 9918.91 yuan).

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