AMD Ryzen 7000 mobile processor three generations in the same house

 According to AMD's official announcement of the new generation of mobile processor planning and online information, the Ryzen 7000 mobile terminal will have three generations of the same house.

  • 7020 series entry model: Zen2 CPU + 2CU RDNA2 core display
  • 7030 series vest model: Zen3 or Zen3+ CPU + Vega or RDNA2 core display
  • 7040 series genuine model: Zen4 CPU + RDNA3 core display

The 7020 series entry models have been released and are expected to ship by the end of this year for entry-level notebooks. This series of processors is Zen2 architecture but uses a newer 6nm process, and the L3 cache is only 4MB. In terms of memory, this series of processors supports 2-channel LPDDR5-5500 memory, while the Ryzen 6000 series mobile processors support LPDDR5-6400 memory.

Currently, only one R5 7530U has been exposed for the 7030 series vest model, which may be the R5 6600U vest. Regarding the 7040 series of the original model, AMD has said that the new generation of the mobile CPU code-named "Phoenix Point", uses 4nm process, Zen4 architecture, equipped with RDNA3 GPU, with AIE engine.

AMD's new generation of naming has determined the plan for the Ryzen 7000 processor, that is, next year's thin and light notebooks will use 15-28W U-series processors, and Chromebooks will be equipped with C-series processors. With the 9W e series, performance notebooks or thin and light gaming notebooks will use 35W HS series processors, while gaming notebooks will be equipped with 55W+ HX series processors.

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