Apple AirPods Pro 2 now has a bug

According to many users' reports online, a bug caused the phone to remind some second-generation AirPods Pro 2 users to "replace" the batteries of their headphones as soon as possible. The bug appears to trigger battery replacement notifications from the Find My app on nearby devices when the AirPods Pro earphones or MagSafe charging case's battery is low. Since the second-generation AirPods Pro uses the U1 chip for precise search, enhanced Find My functionality, and transmits its battery level information at any time, it seems that the reminder notification may be related to these new features.

The notification urges users to "replace the battery as soon as possible," but we know that the AirPods' battery cannot be replaced, the device just needs to be charged. Users who receive the notification may not even immediately think it's talking about their AirPods Pro, as the headset is referred to as "Item" in the notification, while simply referring to "left," "right," and "box."

This notification seems to be similar to the one AirTag uses when the CR2032 battery is running out and needs to be replaced, so the system seems to confuse the two products.

It's unclear how widespread the issue is, and Apple has yet to respond, and it's likely that the issue will be resolved with a software update in due course.

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