Apple announces partnership with Tsinghua University to advance carbon neutrality goals

Apple today announced through a press release that it will step up its cooperation with the supply chain to promote its 2030 carbon neutrality goal, and will launch a new cooperation with Tsinghua University to promote the realization of the goal.

According to Apple, the company has begun 2020 to make its global corporate operations carbon neutral. At the same time, Apple's more than 200 suppliers around the world have pledged to use 100% renewable energy to produce Apple products, including 55 Chinese suppliers such as BOE and Luxshare Precision.

Apple said that in order to better achieve its 2030 carbon neutrality commitment, it will provide a complete set of free online learning resources and live training content, and will donate these training resources to create the industry's first public training platform. In addition, Apple also announced a new collaboration with Tsinghua University, the "Carbon Neutral Capability Improvement" project.

In this program, graduate students from Tsinghua University will participate in practical modules to apply what they have learned through practice in different industry content such as internships at Apple suppliers. According to Apple’s data, more than 20,000 students have benefited from the “China Green Innovation Summer Academy” project it previously cooperated with Tsinghua University.

"As we accelerate our goal of achieving carbon neutrality in our supply chain by 2030, we look forward to continuing to work with Chinese suppliers and partners to address the challenges of climate change," said Ge Yue, Apple vice president and managing director of Greater China. "As part of this work, we are delighted to continue our partnership with Tsinghua University to help young talents acquire knowledge and skills in the climate field and protect our precious home on Earth."

On the road to carbon neutrality, in addition to its supplier responsibility, Apple has been continuously promoting projects such as clean energy construction and Senlian management through cooperation with institutions such as the Green Carbon Foundation and has established a China Clean Energy Fund to help the company's renewable energy development in China.

And through its global audience of hardware and software products and suppliers, Apple extends the goal of carbon neutrality from corporate behavior to every link from manufacturing to consumer use. iPhone users in the United States can use clean energy to charge by determining the source of power when charging in the latest iOS 16 system. This kind of environmental protection participation from companies, products to users will undoubtedly prevent environmental protection from being more widely recognized and promoted.

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